Hope you are ready for the holiday season because it's already here. Yes, I know it's not even Halloween yet. Tell that to the Hallmark Channel. They already started airing their "holiday" themed movies.

If you think I'm kidding, just check out their website. It's already flipped to holidays and has their movie schedule there for you and everything.

I guess I can sort of understand why Hallmark would jump the gun. Holidays are their bread and butter and we can always just not watch their network until we are ready.
They aren't the only ones jumping right into the holidays.

Lifetime has already changed over completely to holiday-themed programming as well.

Jackson/ Townsquare Media
Jackson/ Townsquare Media

You may also step into a Walmart this weekend and see they have already laid out all their Christmas decorations. That's because most of the stores were told to get their holiday stuff up now.

Is it just me or are we seeming a little desperate for the holidays more and more each year?

Now, I'm the opposite of a Scrooge. I absolutely love this time of year – minus the snow. I really enjoy the colors, the music, and yes the food of this season. I'm like Taylor Swift in her new song "Lover," where she says, "we could leave the Christmas lights up til January," and would absolutely leave them up longer.

I have a feeling you may have a strong opinion on this. Have you tried to switch to the Hallmark Channel to see what holiday movie they have on? I'm not really in the spirit until after Thanksgiving or until get our first snow fall. Then it officially feels like the season.

Are you a Scrooge until Thanksgiving? I know you have something to say about this.

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