Thinking back on the days when I was growing up, I used to love this time of year. My mom bent over backwards to make our home a winter wonderland. She still has just the right touch, with fun Christmas decorations in every room, but never overdoing it.

There were a number of Christmas decorations that my mom would put out that just gave you that warm fuzzy feeling in your belly.  It wouldn't be Christmas without them.

One was a green ceramic Christmas tree with lights. I have a vivid memory of my mom turning down the lights after dinner was over and the kitchen was cleaned up. The dishwasher peacefully hummed away as the little green ceramic Christmas tree threw its proud little glow onto the kitchen counter.

My mom still has the little green tree. She'll still set it up in the kitchen of her new home, and it still gives me that same feeling when I see it.

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I liked it so much that my mom gave me a white ceramic Christmas tree for my house. It's one of my favorite things to see when the Christmas decorations come out.

She also saved some of our school art projects. Note that in the picture above of the ceramic trees is a tree I made in school using green cardboard and gold glitter paint.

For my kids, they also have favorite Christmas decorations. By far, their favorite is the Santa Claus countdown candle holder. The kids argue about who gets to make the date change and debate about how many days there really are until Christmas.

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What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations? Send us your pictures in the comments or by using the Fun 107 app.

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