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If you have Amazon Prime two-day shipping, then you know how it can get a little too convenient when you feel like avoiding a trip to the store.

My friends and I play a game where at the end of the week we share the most random and small Amazon purchases we made that week. My friend Jill pretty much always find the funniest and most obnoxiously small item to purchase on Amazon each week just so she doesn't have to go to a store and buy it. It's not because she is lazy; she sure isn't that. In fact, it's quite the opposite. She doesn't have extra time to go and hunt down aqua-colored popsicle sticks for a project her son is doing in school next week. But you know what, she most definitely will find those purple popsicle sticks on Amazon.

I have another girlfriend who just bought herself a "how to" ear coning kit for the first time. That's pretty random, right?

Sometimes we get silly just so that we can out-do one another that we end up in tears laughing sharing our weekly purchases using amazon prime's two-day shipping. These would be the items I cannot share with you in a public story, lol.

I thought it would be fun to give up my last five most random purchases with all of you to laugh at, so here goes.

My husband and I have a new found love for Peets Coffee. So whenever I can find the giant size on Amazon for cheaper than the smaller size in the grocery store, I grab it.

Peet's Coffee via Amazon

On Friday afternoon last week, I wanted so badly to clean the inside of my Toyota but ran out of Armor All. So I did what any logical woman who finished a crazy busy work week would do: I passed on driving to the store to get it and ordered Armor All on Amazon and had it Saturday before noon. For real, I did!

Armor All via Amazon

We bought one of these a few years ago and I cannot live without it. It froths milk, makes amazing cappuccino and hot chocolates like you're getting them from Starbucks. It started crapping out on me and I had to cave and buy another Breville Frothing Cafe. I'm considering it my Christmas gift to myself this year.

Breville via Amazon

This was one of my funniest random purchases that my friends and I laugh about. This Baggie Rack is amazing, though, and helps me recycle like a champion.

Wood Doing Good via Amazon

Lastly, these are some of the best Shaker Cups I've used. I love the size and the lids are awesome and dishwasher safe, too.

BluePeak via Amazon
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