Cher Lloyd continued her takeover of American television this week with a performance of her new single 'Oath' on 'TODAY' on Friday (Oct. 5). While she rocked her smash 'Want U Back' on several late night appearances, she switched it up for the breakfast crowd and delivered her bouncy, rap-tinged new anthem about BFFs. It was her second perf on the morning program in recent weeks, as she hit the outdoor stage at the end of August.

The British cutie admitted in her pre-performance interview that she is a bit homesick, since she has been away from home for a bit as she stages her American pop music coup. "But I'm loving' it," she said.

The petite brunette has developed a taste for American fast food while on U.S. shores, confessing that she shouldn't eat it every day. She's so tiny, but we agree. McDonald's on a daily basis doesn't do a body good!

Lloyd was stunning in her white blouse and black skirt, which she paired with wavy locks. She's stepped away from her bright, candy-colored costumes a few times during the week and we think it suits her.

Lloyd certainly came across as shy and uncomfortable being interviewed, looking away from the camera and speaking slowly. Some critics claim they can't understand her due to her thick British accent, and perhaps she was compensating for that by speaking in such measured tones.

She also referred to her Brats as her "friends," and said that making new fans makes her a happier person. "We're forming a group," she said about her bond with her Brats, which is a name she did not come up with. "As a kid growing up, I was never in a group. I was the strange girl in the corner. It's nice to be able to include people."

And with that, she ripped through her new single, bedazzled mic in hand. It reminded us of Avril Lavigne if she had a British accent.

If you missed her TV takeover, check her out on 'DWTS,' on 'The Tonight Show' and on 'Ellen.'

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