Wondering what happened to all of the snow we were supposed to get last night?  ABC 6 Meteorologist Chelsea Priest gave us the explanation of what happened.

As the Southcoast braced for yet another snowstorm last night, a lot of people were left scratching their heads when they woke up this morning to black pavement.  While some news outlets were calling for as much as a foot in some spots, ABC 6 played it conservative, with a prediction of 3-6 inches.  While multiple inches of snow just never developed over the past 24 hours, Chelsea Priest called us this morning to explain what happened.

"There were some really high totals that were thrown out there and we did stay on the conservative side and we still didn't even meet that [low total].", said Chelsea Priest on this morning's show.

Check out the full conversation below and feel free to leave a comment or to call into the show on how you thought the storm was going to go!

Additional Reporting and Video by Michael DeSouza

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