We've seen a lot of alarming terms on the internet to describe tomorrow's Southcoast storm.  #BlizzardBomb #BombCyclone and #Bombogenesis are now trending.  What in the heck is "bombogenesis"?  We just had to ask Chelsea Priest from ABC 6 this morning.

The Boston Globe had an interesting article this morning that got into further detail about the genesis of 'bombogenesis. The term was apparently coined by a former MIT professor. Basically, it's when the barometric pressure drops extremely rapidly over 24 hours.

There are bound to be a number of closings and cancellations tomorrow here on the Southcoast due to this Blizzard Bomb. Make sure to download the Fun 107 app, so you can listen even if you lose power during the storm. You can also follow the closings in real time by clicking here.  You can follow Eversource and National Grid power outages in your area by clicking here.

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