Halloween month is here and people love to celebrate the spookiness by scaring themselves silly. Turns out there are plenty of local hotels perfect for giving yourself the creeps while also treating yourself to a night away.

Of course the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast and newly owned Conjuring House might just be the scariest places to spend the night around Halloween (or any time of year really). But aside from the spots where just one or two people can rent space for the night, there are bigger hotels with their own spooky stories to tell.

The history of the SouthCoast is a pretty long one, so there are lots of local hotels that have been around for decades. Some built back during the Revolutionary War, some just at the turn of the 20th century, but all with ghost stories to regale their guests.

From the friendly spirits of The Hotel Viking in Newport to the seriously frightening late night happenings at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, each of the local hotels on our list are bound to give you an eerie overnight stay without having to travel too far.

None of the haunted and historic hotels we found were more than 90 minutes from the SouthCoast, but all are certainly worth the trip for those who want to creep themselves out this Halloween season.

So keep scrolling to hear about the ghosts that allegedly haunt these local hotels and how you can spend a night among them.

Five Haunted Hotels Closest to the SouthCoast

Want to be brave and spend the night in a haunted hotel? Turns out there are a few options super close to the SouthCoast.
Each one of these historic Southern New England hotels have plenty of rooms to book and plenty of spooky stories to tell.

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