I visited with Chad Michael Peters again this week to talk about getting ready for Christmas. He always has such fabulous ideas and he was so amazing in helping me get ready for Thanksgiving, so I turned to him again for help with Christmas tips.

Chad had some fantastic tips, from where to get a fresh, real tree, to how to decorate it with the Christmas cards that you get each year from family and friends!

He had some great ideas for themed trees that I had honestly never thought of, but you can do so many different things decorating with a theme. It doesn't all have to be red and green! Plus, I really liked the more than one tree trend! If you have your main Christmas tree in your living room, you could do another tree if you wanted in another room in your home...maybe in the guest room or a spare room upstairs or even a separate smaller tree for the kids.

It's exciting to see all the things you can do to get into the Christmas spirit and Chad helped me tremendously, as he always does! Check out the video now for tips on making your Christmas awesome!