The pitbull sixth man for the Celtics is the one and only Mahhcus Smahht.

There was a point this offseason where there was real concern that Marcus Smart actually wouldn't be a Celtic this season. There were people on the fence about what his true value is to the team. What is he worth?

A poor shooter who loves to shoot. That isn't really an ideal situation, especially for someone who's supposed to be leading your second unit. The value from Marcus is most definitely not in his shooting percentages, but his intangibles.

Danny Ainge was willing to pay Smart, because Marcus is a true leader on that second unit. His energy doesn't just fuel the bench, either. The starters see him diving for every loose ball and fighting with every ounce of himself just to gain a slight advantage in the game. Those are the things that make the difference. It helps set a tone for the team.

This season, the Celtics are blessed with a very deep roster of talent. That will lead to a lot of great competition in practice and in games. The starters know there is talent behind them if they're not producing. The bench knows at any moment it could be their opportunity.

I asked Marcus at Celtics Media Day how he felt the bench could push the starters and vice versa, and he seemed pretty excited about how that will play out this year.

Marcus will definitely be one of the guys looking to push the starters at every turn. He's not a stat sheet player, but could arguably be one of the most important guys on the roster. His willingness to do the little things will surely help the Celtics early and often, especially late in games.

Expect more of the same from Smart this year: more tough gritty plays, and more wild three point attempts.

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