Lots of stats have made stops on the SouthCoast over the years, which got us wondering about your coolest local celebrity encounters.

You weren't shy about telling us.

Admit it. There's nothing like the rush of even the smallest possibility that you may come into contact with a celebrity you love. It's not every day someone famous is in the same room as you, never mind roaming around the SouthCoast.

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Because we're nice, we don't always want to intrude on a celebrity's personal time by asking for a picture, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to ask. Some celebrities don't mind the attention and, hey, if you tell us about your encounter or share it on social media, they get some extra publicity.

I'll be the first to tell you that I'm oblivious to being around a celebrity unless someone else points it out. Prime example: I was at some random restaurant in Los Angeles a few years ago and literally sitting at the table inches away from me were Katy Perry and Russell Brand. I definitely didn't want to walk over to that table and make a scene.

Apparently, the then-couple were sitting there for over an hour before someone informed me. So there are times when we all may have been in the presence of a celebrity and just didn't know it, especially now that the SouthCoast has become the backdrop to so many film and TV productions.

That said, you definitely remember your encounters. Here are some of our favorites that you shared with us.

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