Dog owners and dogs will be happy to know that Cask and Pig in Dartmouth is now welcoming dogs on Mondays.

Cask and Pig owner, Mario Ribeiro told us this morning that they were brainstorming a way to promote their new outdoor patio on Sunday when someone had the idea to invite dogs onto the patio on Mondays.

They liked the idea so much that they decided to give it a try last night.  A group of dog owners (and their dogs) took advantage on day one yesterday.  "I'm a dog person," said Ribeiro, "so I'm always looking for a place I can bring my dog.  I hope people enjoy bringing their dogs to the restaurant."

We asked if there were any plans to extend the new dog policy to the indoor quarters of the restaurant.  Ribeiro told us that he wasn't sure how well that would go over with his entire customer base.  "Not everyone is a fan of eating around dogs at a restaurant, and I'm not sure if Dartmouth's Board of Health would be into that idea."  For now, the dogs are only invited to the patio on Mondays.

What do you think of restaurants allowing dogs?  Would you like to see more of this? 

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