We found this review of a nude beach in Cape Cod that we didn't know existed and it's highly entertaining.

We were curious to know if there were any actual nude beaches in Massachusetts at all, because it seems pretty unheard of. It turns out the Longnook Beach in Truro has a segment of the beach that is "clothing optional". "Jessica O. from Boston" is a reviewer on Trip Advisor and she has reviewed solely nude beaches and restaurants in her time reviewing. She's a level 6 reviewer which means she reviews A LOT and is described as a "foodie and beach goer" in her mini profile.

Credit To: @ry_man16 Instagram
Credit To: @ry_man16 Instagram

Both her and her husband have been avid thong and g string swimsuit wearers, according to her bio on the website. When calling the Cape Cod National Seashore or CCNS they denied any claims having to do with Longnook Beach having nude sections at all. Although CCNS has denied it as a nude beach at all there are reviews ranging from years ago to one week ago giving it nude publicity and it falls under the nude beach tags on Trip Advisor.

My husband and I couldn't resist the temptation to take time off from work to spend a few days on the Cape. We love being nude at the beach, as it is the most sensible, relaxing, and natural way to be. This is the best beach for nude sunbathing on Cape Cod.

-Jennifer O.


Read this review from Jessica at Trip Advisor here.

Additional Reporting By Taylor Sullivan

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