Rummage through your recycle bins. A rebate is waiting for you on the Cape.

To reduce litter in town, three Cape Cod liquor stores want to buy your empty nip bottles.

A petition to ban nips in Wellfleet was rejected last year, so these local liquor stores are taking matters into their own hands.

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Get Money for Your Empty Nips

As first reported by The Cape Cod Times, the owners of Seaside Liquors, Wellfleet Spirits Shoppe and Wellfleet Wine and Spirits are offering 10-cent rebates to customers who bring in empty nips.

Jill Seaberry, the owner of Wellfleet Spirits Shoppe, spoke with Fun 107 about her store's initiative, and she is prepared to shell out 10 cents per nip bottle of the store's own money for the foreseeable future.

"The whole idea is to prevent littering," she said. "We see it all: beer cans, coffee cups, cigarette butts. ... We wanted to make a conscious effort to bring attention to it."

Nip Bottles Continues to be Hot Button Topic

Over the past few years, the discussion of nip bottles has heated up on the SouthCoast. While some cities have implemented a ban, others have rejected one, but many would likely agree that nip bottles and litter are synonymous in some cities and towns.

Any effort to reduce litter is an effort I can get behind. These three Cape Cod liquor stores can't control the denial of the nip bottle ban, but they believe they can at least help the ongoing litter problem in their area by bringing awareness to an issue that so many cities and towns deal with.

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