Chelsea Fitzgerald, a Nantucket native, is quickly gaining popularity on TikTok for her spot-on impersonations of what it’s like to work at a restaurant on Cape Cod during the summer. With close to three million views on her videos, Fitzgerald has found her comedic voice by taking her daily life as a restaurant employee and turning it into relatable humor.

With every business, there are certain normalcies that arise. Staffing issues, rowdy customers, and that one annoying coworker are universal problems in your standard food establishment, but Fitzgerald has managed to find the humor in it all.

In some videos, she portrays “the hostess with the mostess,” but one particular video caught my eye that perfectly sums up server life in a small seaside New England town.

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Fitzegerald takes on “The Cape Cod Summer” in one of her videos that has garnered over 250,000 views, where she portrays the restaurant guest that locals see every year.

“What’s the scallop?”

“What’s a quahog?”

“What’s it stuffed with?”

Now, some of her jokes are reserved for people who have lived their lives in the restaurant industry, where the struggle of unrolled silverware at the beginning of your shift will make your blood boil, but any New England native can relate to seeing an out-of-towner's mind completely blown by the concept that someone could actually live on Cape Cod year round.

Through her social media, she is open about being in recovery, saying that she “wasted much of (her) life being wasted.” She welcomes her followers in on her sober journey while she uses the outlet of comedy to get her through another busy summer on the Cape.

TikTok is all about finding relatable content creators, and Fitzgerald nails it with her POV of summers on the Cape.

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