I was talking to a fellow avid Patriots fan this morning asked her if she was excited to watch the NFL playoffs this weekend. She booed me.

I just can't get over that there are New England Patriots fans who are not cheering for this Tom Brady. She says it still stings too much.

I get it. It's hard to watch Brady not wearing that deep blue game shirt with the red and white trim. He looks much better in the Patriots' colors than Buccaneer pewter.

But as a Patriots fan, we are witnessing the final act of a career the likes of which will never be seen again in the NFL, not in our lifetimes, at least.

It was this time last year, I clearly remember asking this question about Brady: would you rather have him go to another team or outright retire? Neither of those options is ideal for a Patriots fan, but to me, I'd much rather get a few extra seasons out of watching the greatest football player of all time than to see the story end. Would I rather have him be a Patriot? That goes without saying, but I'd much rather see him play on Sunday than appear in Nationwide Insurance commercials.

I don't understand how a Patriots fan could watch the Bucs-Saints game last weekend and not get that familiar, nostalgic feel while watching. I find enjoyment in watching this guy win. He's an exciting player. He's the Michael Jordan, the Pedro Martinez, the Bobby Orr of the NFL. There are certain players in sports that transcend team colors. When they play in games, especially playoff games, it is an event.

Tom Brady in the NFC Championship game this Sunday is an event.

It is the 14th time he'll be playing in an NFL conference championship game, and I'll be doing what I've been doing the last 13 times: I'll be cheering for No. 12.

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