You can take "getting back to nature" to a whole new level at this nudist campground on the Cape.

Believe it or not, Sandy Terraces has been inviting people to "enjoy Cape Cod naturally" since 1953. That's nearly 70 years of nude camping just minutes from Mashpee Commons.

Yes, the nudist camp is that close by.

And it offers a ton of amenities, like their sweet 20 x 60 heated pool, which I imagine really cuts down on shrinkage.


You can also swim in nearby Long Pond–or at least the section of it made private by fencing.

pond deck

There's plenty of forest around the camp for those who may be worried about being nude so publicly. And plenty of activities to keep campers busy.

They also have a "make believe casino" for poker.

poker room

Tennis and basketball courts, too.

tennis court

And something I would never want to see in person: Sunday morning yoga (you're welcome for me not including a photo of that one).

The campgrounds themselves actually look really nice. I personally like the platforms for tents to keep you off the ground.

tent site

But I am definitely not a future nudist. I'd prefer to camp with my clothes on, thank you very much.

But if you want to put it all out there this summer, they even offer a First Time Nudist Coupon.

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