The Buzzards Bay Coalition held a Grand Opening Event at Horseshoe Mill to celebrate the restoration of the Weweantic River in Wareham on Thursday, November 18.

The Weweantic River Reserve at Horseshoe Mill is a new park and natural area open to everyone. This restoration project included the removal of the dam which reopened more than three miles of river to spawning habitat for migratory fish, the installation of two kayak launches, and improvement of the present trails for the community to enjoy.

Buzzards Bay Coalition via Facebook

The Coalition purchased Horseshoe Mill back in 2012 in order to restore the former mill site producing nails and horseshoes that had a weakened dam. The goal was to protect the property from development, improve public access, and rehabilitate the ecosystem.

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According to the Coalition, the Weweantic is the largest freshwater river that flows to Buzzards Bay, and rich populations of fish, plants, and other forms of wildlife call the Weweantic River home.

Buzzards Bay Coalition via Facebook

Brendan Annett is the Vice President for Watershed Protection at the Buzzards Bay Coalition. He emphasizes the impact the dams had on the ecosystem.

“Old dams like the one that was at this site create all sorts of problems for fish and wildlife that depend on the rivers flowing into the Bay,” Annett said. “Removing this dam has immediately improved the natural functions of the Weweantic, undoing many years of environmental damage and it has already begun to bring the river back to life.”

To learn more about the Horseshoe Mill property and the Weweantic River, visit

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