Super Bowl LII is just a few days away, so we headed to Buttonwood Park Zoo to have some of the animals predict who would win.

It'll be the Patriots vs the Eagles this Sunday from Minnesota and though the staff here at Fun 107 is split on who will win, the animals at Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford seemed to be on the same page.

We got together with the amazing staff at BP Zoo to see who the black bears and the American bald eagles would pick to win.

As you can see from the video, Annie the bear went right for the Patriots box and didn't seem to want to leave.

And though the bald eagles themselves were rather indifferent (perhaps because they didn't want to go against their own kind), the turkey vultures eventually got into our game and also chose Pats (with a brief moment of indecision at the end).

Last year we asked lobsters to predict who would win at the Super Bowl and the Patriots were deemed the winner...and we all know how that turned out.

This year we've got two different animals going for I think the 'Blitz For Six' will end exactly as we all believe it will.

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