Building #19: You never Sausage a place. 

It's been almost five years since Building #19 declared bankruptcy and closed up shop. It probably wasn't anyone's first thought to go in and photo-document the no-frills, tell-it-like-it-is semi-wonderland it was. I'm sure a lot of folks regret that now. (Except for this hilarious person above who had the foresight to create a full "Be Thankful You Can't Smell This: A Short Film About Building 19").

Founder Jerry Ellis knew that he had a good, cheap thing going and made it part of his business' business to have fun with it. If you were a regular, you knew their slogan, "Good Stuff... Cheap" and you may remember their goodbye message, "Please leave with at least as many children as you came with."

Looking back now, we wish we kept all of the weekly flyers, took more photos of their bizarre displays and really kept a better pictorial history of this heritage New England discount warehouse store that had nothing and everything all at the same time.

Here are a few photos to take you back down memory lane:

Building #19, we were never brave enough to drink your free coffee but if you came back for just one day, we'd try it just to say we had the full, cheap experience.

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