If you're in the Bristol, Rhode Island area, chances are you'll most likely pass by this Fourth of July Celebration Parade Banner.

Normally, the sign should have read 231 "st" not "th", but something went wrong somewhere in the printing press process. Not blaming anybody, but hey... you had one job!

All seriousness aside, it is pretty comical. I'm just waiting for the moment when this sign company realizes the minor grammatical mistake; after all... things happen!

The start time of America's oldest running parade will begin at 10:30 AM on the corner of Chestnut and Hope Street (Route 114) and will finish between State and Bradford Street.

Just a reminder to avoid Chestnut, Naomi and Sherry Street after 7 AM as well as Hope street and Poppasquash Road after 8:00 AM. Iit will be closed to traffic so seek an alternate route if you plan on attending the parade.

A parking ban along the parade route will be in effect beginning the night prior to the parade.