There was a break in Monday night at the Sylvan Animal Clinic in Fall River.

The Faxon Animal Rescue League on Durfee Street is home to the Sylvan Animal Clinic, a non-profit veterinarian office well loved in the community. But on Monday night it was broken into and vandalized.

The Fall River Herald reports that when staff arrived at the clinic on Tuesday morning, there was graffiti painted on the walls that targeted an employee.

There were also numerous syringes missing from all of the clinic rooms.

Faxon Executive Director John Panarese told the Herald that the vandals apparently broke in through the parking lot door by first breaking a panel at the back of the building to enter the breezeway and then using a crowbar to break into the clinic itself.

The building does have an alarm system, but it never sounded. Upgrades to security as well as cameras are now being installed.

The graffiti was completely removed on Tuesday, but it caused a three-hour delay in the clinic's opening and cost them half a day's business.

Police have been notified and the only items stolen were the syringes.