It's not everyday that one of the region's major landmarks gets a new look, but that's exactly what happened Tuesday night.

In what was quite possibly one of the best-kept secrets in Massachusetts history, politicians from around the SouthCoast joined Lt. Governor Karen Polito at the Bicentennial Park Waterfront to watch the very first lighting of the Braga Bridge.

When I first heard about it Wednesday morning, I was unsure if it was fake news.  However, after asking if anyone had seen the bridge lit up, we got dozens of calls confirming that it was, in fact, true. The Braga Bridge has received a cosmetic upgrade.

Alan Silvia via Facebook
Alan Silvia via Facebook

While I haven't seen the bridge lit up in person yet, I have seen some photos.  I have to say that I think it is great. The bridge, completed in 1966 and named for a Fall River native who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor, could really be considered the front door to the SouthCoast. It is the first impression that travelers to the Cape and Islands have of us, and now that impression will be just a little more impressive.

There's also something to be said about pride of ownership.  People tend to walk taller and prouder when they are dressed to impress. Having an eye-catching bridge can be a subtlety that generates pride in our community.

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I was surprised to see backlash about the Braga Bridge lighting online.

I hadn't, even for a minute, considered that this might be a bad thing for the area. While the price tag is certainly substantial (the first part of an $8 million lighting project), as things of value tend to be, it enhances an important part of our region's infrastructure.

But Not Everyone Is a Fan of the Braga Bridge

Love it or hate, most drivers on the SouthCoast use it several times a week. Now some of them have taken to Google to review their experience on Fall River's Braga Bridge.

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