One of the very first charges taken on by the South Coast Business Alliance was a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of New Bedford. In 2007, the group saw an opportunity to contribute to a cause that would provide more than just an activity to the youth of New Bedford.

The Boys & Girls Club in the city's west end has served as a home to local youth, helping them reach their full potential by providing support and a safe place for extra-curricular activity.

The SCBA's cornerstone event each year, Oktoberfest, raises funds for local organizations and programs that provide opportunities for at risk youth of the community. In the stages of planning their second Oktoberfest, they set a goal; to raise funds and create a boxing gym at the Boys & Girls Club of New Bedford,  now run by Ray Oliveira. This will be the SCBA's 10th annual Oktoberfest on October 3, 2015.

But it was more than just money raised for the organization.  The original members of the group dedicated time, energy and sweat.  In the basement of the B & G club was an old bowling alley. Jeff Sanders, Jay Lanagan, Tom Rainford, Jon Teves, Nick Francis, Pat Long and Travis Kessock, who are still members today, all rolled up their sleeves, tore out the old bowling alley and refinished the floors, painted the walls, and hung the equipment.

Ray Oliveira reached out for support from the group a few months ago. The kids' boxing equipment after 8 years of use had become worn and used. The South Coast Business Alliance  returned, on March 19th with upgrades for the gym.


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