Neighborhood lemonade stands are a summer staple, but this year one young boy is using the money he raises at his stand to pay for something very important to him.

Nine-year-old Tristan Jacboson isn't interested in buying a new video game or trying to get a bike...he is raising money for his own adoption.

ABC News covered Tristan's story, which includes being put into foster care at age 3 months, being reunited with his mother at 2 and a half years old then ultimately being left at a homeless kids center when he was 5.

hundreds of people came out to support his stand

Throughout all of this, his original foster mother Donnie Davis was in contact with Tristan, fighting to gain custody of him when she saw things going bad at home.

Reunited with him since 2014, Davis and her husband hoped to adopt Tristan only to discover that the legal fees were going to be close to $10,000.

The Davis' say they immediately cut back on cell phone, cable and internet services to save money, cancelled family vacation plans to put those funds aside and even planned a family yard sale.

But Tristan wanted to help too!

raised over $6500 by selling lemonade

He set up a lemonade stand at the yard sale and decided to put all the money it made towards his adoption.

Word got out about his story and hundreds of people came out to support his stand.

In fact he raised over $6500 by selling lemonade that day and the family made another $600 from the yard sale.

There was also a page set up by the Davis' that got over $9000 in donations.

The family is now moving forward with the legal adoption of Tristan and everything should be finalized by October.

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