Between 1993 and 2000 Corey Matthews (Ben Savage) and his young friends grew into adulthood on the ABC sitcom 'Boy Meets World.'

It's a testament to the show's lingering popularity that it is coming back, 13-years later, as the Disney Channel offering 'Girl Meets World,' which will focus on Corey and his wife-turned girlfriend Topanga (Danielle Fishel) and their children.

All the main cast from 'Boy Meets World' have been invited to participate in 'Girl Meets World,' which is set to premiere in late 2013. So far it's unclear who is taking up that offer, aside from Savage and Fishel. See what the entire original cast of 'Boy Meets World' is up to these days below.

  • Ben Savage, Cory Matthews

    ABC/Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

    Then: Inspired by his older brother Fred Savage ('The Wonder Years'), Ben got into acting at a young age and was soon able to raise to his sibling’s level by snagging the lead role of Cory Matthews in 'Boy Meets World.' Previously he had played a recurring character on 'Dear John' and made an appearance in the Fred Savage movie 'Little Monsters.'

    Now: When Savage returns as Cory in 'Girl Meets World' it will be his biggest role since 'Boy Meets World' ended in 2000. He has popped up as a guest star on shows like 'Bones' and 'Chuck' in the interim.

  • Danielle Fishel, Topanga Lawrencemax win

    ABC/Frederick M. Brown

    Then: Fishel was originally just supposed to be a minor character on 'Boy Meets World,' but her spunk and chemistry with Ben Savage led to producers upping her role to series regular. Prior to 'BMW,' Fishel did commercials and voiceover work before scoring a two-episode stint as Jennifer on 'Full House.'

    Now: Since ‘Boy Meet World,’ Fishel was the host of 'The Dish' and appeared as a special correspondent on 'The Tyra Banks Show.' (There was also the period where she dated Lance Bass, even attending prom with the now openly gay *NSYNC member.) Her profile has been raised in recent years thanks to being spokeswoman for the Nutrisystem Diet and posing for Maxim. Expect for to see more of her (fully dressed) when ‘Girl Meets World' premieres.

  • Rider Strong, Shawn Hunter

    ABC/David Livingston, Getty Images

    Then: Women who grew up during the '90s remember Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter, Cory’s best friend with perfect hair and the bad home life. Strong's most notable role prior to 'BMW' was as young Adam on the short-lived Julie Andrews' sitcom 'Julie.'

    Now: Strong went on to be the star of Eli Roth’s ‘Cabin Fever’ franchise and in 2004 he graduated from Columbia University. It is unclear if Strong will appear in ‘Girl Meets World.’ If he does it will be his most notable TV role since starring opposite Rebecca Romijn in the short-lived comedy 'Pepper Dennis.' Strong is engaged to actress Alexandra Barretto.

  • William Daniels, George Feeny


    Then: William Daniels imparted much wisdom on as Mr. Feeny, Cory’s teacher and mentor. The veteran actor had been best known for playing Dustin Hoffman’s dad in 'The Graduate,' Dr. Mark Craig on 'St. Elsewhere' and using his pitch perfect enunciation as the voice of K.I.T.T on 'Knight Rider.'

    Now: Feeny was last seen on ‘House’ as Dr. Craig Thomas. That character may have died, but in real-life the 85 year old is still kicking. And he's all set to return to the role that made him everyone's favorite teacher during the '90s. Don't believe us? Check out the 'Girl Meets World' set photos.

  • Will Friedle, Eric Matthews


    Then: Friedle was the oldest Matthew boy, the popular although often dim-witted Eric. Between 1988 and 1991 Friedle co-hosted the Nickelodeon show 'Don't Just Sit There.'

    Now: Friedle has become primarily a voice actor, with turns as Lion-O on 'Thundercats' and Ron Stoppable on 'Kim Possible.' He recently visited the set of 'Girl Meets World,' so we got to a peek of the former Eric in the flesh. Creator Michael Jacobs said there is a "strong chance" that Eric could return on the new show.

  • Betsy Randle, Amy Matthews


    Then: Cory was a bit of momma’s boy and that mom was played by Betsy Randle. A late-comer to acting, Randle had been best known for playing Jill Taylor’s friend Karen on 'Home Improvement.'

    Now: A recurring role as Mrs. Winterbourne on 'Charmed' has been the bulk of Randle's post-'Boy Meets World' career. She has two children with her husband, film editor John Randle.

  • William Russ, Alan Matthews


    Then: Even though Mr. Feeny was basically Cory's dad, Russ played Alan Matthews, the actual man of the house. Additionally, he directed several episodes of the sitcom. (Again, probably because Mr. Feeny basically raised Cory.) Matthews, who got his start on the soap ‘Another World,' is also remembered for his supporting role in 'American History X.'

    Now: In 2009, Matthews returned to his soap opera roots with a two season run on 'The Young And The Restless.' Since then he's been on shows such as 'Vegas,' 'Criminal Minds' and 'NCIS.'

  • Lindsay Ridgeway, Morgan Matthews

    ABC/Jeff Golden, Getty Images

    Then: Ridgeway played daughter Morgan for the last five seasons of 'Boy Meets World.' (Lily Nicksay had played the role for the first two seasons, and then the character disappeared without explanation for most of the third season.) Coming from a musical theater background, it was Ridgeway's first big TV role.

    Now: Ridgeway's only additional screen credit was as the voice of Britney on the animated series 'Total Spies!' She is still in the public eye, however, as she frequently sings the national anthem before sporting events in the Los Angeles area.

  • Matthew Lawrence, Jack Hunter

    20th Century Fox/Mark Mainz, Getty Images

    Then: In Season Five of 'Boy Meets World,' Mathew Lawrence was introduced as Jack Hunter, Shawn's long lost half-brother. Lawrence was already a TV vet by that point, having appeared opposite real-life brother Joey Lawrence on 'Gimme a Break.' He had also played one of the Hillard kids in the 1993 movie 'Mrs. Doubtfire.'

    Now: Lawrence recently popped up on his brother Joey's sitcom 'Melissa & Joey' and in the movie 'Of Silence.'

  • Trina McGee-Davis, Angela Moore

    YouTube, IMDB

    Then: Trina McGee-Davis was Angela Moore, Shawn's on-again-off-again girlfriend for the last few seasons of 'Boy Meet World.' She had made her acting debut on a 1992 episode of 'A Different World.'

    Now: In 2009, McGee Davis starred in the movie 'Da Booty Shop.' She hasn't had many roles since then, but she got a lot of internet buzz in late 2012 after a photo of her looking very grown up surfaced.

  • Maitland Ward, Rachel Maguire

    ABC/Maitland Ward, Facebook

    Then: Prior to playing Rachel, the object of both Jack and Cory's affection in season six of 'Boy Meets World,' actress Maitland Ward had been known for turns on 'The Bold and the Beautiful' and 'Kiliing Mr. Griffin.'

    Now: Maitland was one of the former 'BMW' cast members who visited the 'Girl Meets World' set, though it's uncertain whether her character will return. Outside of 'Boy Meets World,' she is best known for her role as (blonde) Brittany Wilson in 'White Chicks.' She's active on Twitter and frequently posts modeling photos on Facebook.