A new anti-bullying campaign made a stop in New Bedford Friday.

The boy band NK5 is made up of five boys ages six-ten years old and is spreading an anti-bullying message through song across the country.

The group is produced by Maurice Starr, who has been behind such bands like New Kids on the Block and New Edition.

City Council President Brian Gomes hosted a press conference outside city hall and was joined by the band and fellow councilors Naomi Carney and Jim Oliveira. Carney says happy to see the young boys spreading an important message.

"I am so proud of these five young gentlemen. They are so young but they are so smart. They are such a wisdom amongst themselves to go out and spread the word about anti-bullying...and they're awfuly cute," said Carney.

Afterwards, the group performed at the Boys and Girls Club and will perform again Friday night at the State Pier as part of the city's weekly concert series on the Waterfront.