You may want to skip work for this one. Just this once.

One of the stars of the iconic 80's comedy, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, is coming to Boston for a special screening of the John Hughes directed film.  Alan Ruck, who played the character Cameron Frye, will be at the Emerson Colonial Theater on Boylston Street on Sunday night.

You may remember that Ruck's character, Cameron, sported a Detroit Redwings Gordie Howe game jersey throughout the film.  Those who know the film can appreciate the subtlety of Cameron walking around with the word "Howe" on his back.  It was poetry perfected.  Quintessential John Hughes.

Ryan Parker via YouTube
Ryan Parker via YouTube

Ruck was eventually able to shake off the Ferris character, landing roles in the movies Speed, Twister, HBO's "Succession," and Trekkies will recognize his the Captain of the Starship Enterprise in the movie "Star Trek: Generations."

Between questions from Trekkies and Ferris fans, there will most certainly be a lot to talk about with this familiar face from both the big and small screens of the past.

Tickets are still available at the Emerson Colonial Theatre website.  They range from $39 to $150 VIP seats that include a meet and greet with Ruck.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off will be shown starting at 7, and it will be followed by a spirited question and answer period with Alan Ruck.  You may want to ask him about the Gordie Howe shirt.

C'mon, take your dad's Ferrari.  What's the worst that can happen?  You won't get caught.

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