As a college student, there are several unwritten “rules” you need to follow in order to be a respectable roommate. Always pick up after yourself, never microwave fish, and make sure you close all your windows before you head home for the weekend. One college student in Boston did not lock up properly last weekend and it came back to bite her and all of the roommates.

One of the roommates posted a video of the chaotic scene on TikTok and the video has garnered nearly three million views in three days.

TikTok user known as “@youaintseenothingg” noticed that the apartment was a lot colder than usual, even for the blizzard conditions we saw on Saturday, January 29. She and one of the other roommates start an investigation to figure out where this severe draft was coming from. They discover the source is inside the third roommate’s bedroom, but she is not at the apartment. While exchanging texts, the missing roommate identified as “Ashlyn” claims that she left one of the windows in her bedroom open a crack. She tells them where the spare key is so they can go in and shut it.

The roommates were shocked to find more than a chilly breeze inside the bedroom. It looked like Elsa was squatting there overnight. There was a blanket of snow everywhere, including on Ashlyn’s bed and laptop.

Ashlyn’s roommates were forced to use a dustpan and broom to remove the ridiculous amount of snow from her bedroom.

It might have been a silly and honest mistake, but it’s one that Ashlyn should be paying for. Heat is expensive, especially during severe weather conditions like last weekend. She should take on that expense and leave her roommates off the hook after they came through for her with snow removal while she was gone.

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