After visiting the TD Garden in Boston recently, it has come to my realization that something needs to change within the arena and I won't rest until my voice is heard.

Dear TD Garden Management:

On Monday, the Boston Celtics hosted the New Orleans Pelicans and ended up pulling off a 104-87 win after trailing for almost three full quarters. It's been a while since I was able to catch the C's in action, so a boys' day out was just what the doctor had ordered.

Our seats were in Lodge 17 and although the view was grand, the seating arrangement for the game was a little too close for comfort – literally. My friend who is 6-1 and close to 300 pounds sat beside me, a 6-4 man around 300 pounds as well.

Now, these seats were perfect for the kids sitting in front of us, but the fact that I had to squeeze into a cramped and very uncomfortable position for the remainder of the game was not ideal. Not for nothing, but it took away from the experience.

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I understand that it is your job to promote and make money for both the C's and the venue, but these seating blocks belong in a middle school cafeteria, that's how close together they are, both side by side as well as leg room in front.

Going to the Garden, I'm aware of what I'm signing up for: expensive beers, overpriced hot dogs and now tight seating. It's slowly but surely pushing me away from wanting to see a concert or another Celtics game.

All I'm saying is that there's got to be another option for us tall and larger folk out there whose love for the game of basketball shouldn't be brought down over a tight squeeze.


A large man who barely fit in your seats

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