Over $35 million in Banksy artwork is going on display in Boston in a super secret venue and ticket holders will be the first to know where it is.

Of course, street artist Banksy would never just have a regular museum exhibition and those that love his art are going to love being in on the secret of where it's being shown in the city.

This so far top secret display will feature the world's largest private collection of Banksy artwork complete with prints, canvases, screen prints, sculptures, unique works and limited-edition pieces. It is the best of the best of Banksy, plus some less exposed pieces you have probably never seen before.

Personally, I love that there is so little information about this upcoming exhibit and yet I am completely interested in checking it out. The venue is undisclosed, the date has not been revealed and you can't actually buy tickets yet; just reserve your spot to know more when there is more to know. It is all so Banksy and I love it.

If you do too then you've got to get on the BanksyExhibit.com site to sign up to learn more. The entire exhibition is called an "unauthorized private collection" which leads me to wonder if the entire event could fall apart. Perhaps, but then again, it could be 100 percent Banksy-sanctioned and he'd likely never admit it anyway.

Considering this iconic street artist hasn't even revealed his identity, I like to think that Banksy himself could be traveling with this 80-piece collection and might potentially be in attendance as fans explore his artwork in the heart of Boston. Fingers crossed, anyway.

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