When a local casting agency asked for men with tattoos for a feature film shooting in Boston, we of course wonder which one? We may have just found our answer.

Earlier this month Boston Casting put out the call for men with tattoos without revealing the feature film project they'd be working on. Their Facebook post simply said "male actors with tattoos for feature film role," and we just had to know which film.

Now Liam Neeson is in town and he might be the answer to our many questions.

Several Twitter users shared pictures of Liam Neeson on set in the North End on a film called "Thug."

"Thug" is about an aging Boston gangster (Neeson) trying "to reconnect with his children and rectify the mistakes in his past, though the criminal underworld won’t loosen its grip willingly" according to

Not too much of a stretch to think that men with tattoos would be part of a movie that's being called a "mob thriller."

It's also not the first time Neeson was in Massachusetts for filming. Back in 2018 he shot scenes for "Honest Thief" is and around Worcester.

Currently the scenes being shot are strictly in the North End, with camera crews spotted on Hanover Street earlier this week.


So if you do head up to Boston in the next few weeks, keep your eyes peeled for Liam Neeson sporting a sweet 70s style mustache, because there's still no word on when this feature film will make its way to theaters.

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