If you’ve been living under a rock like I have, you may not know much about Boston’s lesser known tourist attractions. You may just go into the city for a game and head home when it's done. All good.

But if you’ve got some time to kill and the ability to pack a full change of clothes, then this thrill ride might be for you. You, too, can enjoy the need for speed on a boat you don’t own when you jump on board Boston’s one and only Codzilla.

Codzilla is a 70-foot, 2,800-horsepower boat whose unique design allows the captain to turn on a dime leaving passengers screaming (in a good way). What is more fun than nausea at 40 miles an hour with a few 360-degree turns thrown in for fun? Doing it in a complimentary poncho that will sort-of keep you a little dry while a totally over-the-top host tells passengers the story of the elusive Codzilla himself.

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Codzilla, as you can guess by its name, is not a sit back, relax, and see the sights ride. It’s a water-coaster, basically, with super loud music and even louder screaming. As you can see below, you should expect to take in a mouth load of salt water at least once.

Despite the many photos and videos you can find online about rider’s experience on Codzilla and despite all of the very descriptive language Codzilla’s website uses, some riders are still mad that they got wet.

Here are some of my favorite one-star reviews from a ride that clearly is meant to be loud, very wet, and obnoxious.

“Destroyed my leather purse, left me with a pounding headache and wet shows.” — Tamara S
Tamara’s experience can be your warning. Prepare for noise, wear sandals, and don’t turn down the free poncho and waterproof bag when you board.

“Way too wet, way too slow.” — Daniel J
Sorry Daniel J, sounds like you want to stay dry and go super fast. Might we recommend riding an actual roller coaster instead?

“Too much typical American legalese before heading out to the harbour for fast ride but 360 spins at speeds slower than a Granny on a zimmerframe.” — Ian H.
Look, Ian, it seems like you don’t like that thrill rides have terms and conditions and that’s fine, but to drag Granny and her walker into the negative review is a bit dramatic.

“I thought getting wet would be a by-product of the thrill ride, but getting us wet was the whole point of the ride; the captain went out of the way to get us soaked as much as possible. Horrible.” — Alex
Alex must have agreed to go on a trip after someone blatantly lied to him about what to expect. Don’t be like Alex, always do your due diligence with any activity with a name that includes "-zilla."

Maybe it's not a do-all-the-time adventure, but we’d say it's definitely one to add to your summer bucket list, perhaps on your way to or from the floating tiki huts or treehouse bar.

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