Beachgoers in Rhode Island discovered the body of a humpback whale on Sunday morning.

I'm sure it's not the site anyone expects to see when the head to the beach. But yesterday morning Charlestown, Rhode Island residents saw it none-the-less.

The body of a huge humpback whale had washed up on shore on the east side of the Charlestown Breachway.

Very little information about the find has been released so far, but the Mystic Aquarium Animal Rescue Program was called to the scene and are conducting the initial evaluations.

Hearing of this whale find instantly led me to think of the minke whale that washed ashore by West Island in Fairhaven a few months ago.

That sorry sadly had a much more traumatic affect on beachgoers.

It was warm enough for more people to be at the beach and the whale actually washed ashore alive but did not survive the rescue efforts.

I suppose it is luckier for those involved that this humpback whale was not alive when found.

Though two whales in a just a few short months is also pretty unusual if you ask me.

But that's just around here.

And over in California, over 70 grey whales have washed ashore in the last six months. Numbers that haven't been seen in decades.

Exactly what is killing these whales at alarming rates has yet to be officially stated.

Some blame global warming, some say the plastic in our waters is the issues, but whatever the cause may be it is incredibly sad and we need to figure out how to help these animals soon.

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