Ladies, can I get a collective "HECK YES"????

Today, I'm thankful to have sources who have tipped me off to the best early Christmas gift a girl with an untameable mane could ask for - a dry bar is coming to Mattapoisett!

The Glossarie Facebook is pretty bare bones, with only one post saying they are hiring, but my source snapped a picture at the Ropewalk in Mattapoisett announcing that they are coming soon to the location on County Road.


If you've never been to a dry bar before, like me, I can only imagine it as the place you walk in looking like Raggedy Ann and come out looking like a majestic unicorn because they have blow dried and styled your hair to perfection - but with no cut or color so you're not spending your whole day in a salon chair to look like you have spent your whole day in a salon chair. I've heard that the blow-outs can last a couple days, if you take care of them, so you can look picture perfect for a whole weekend if you play your cards right.

*I am now accepting gift cards to the Glossarie from now until forever*

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