You don't need another reminder that the summer is over. Blackbear, from Pennsylvania, really caught on to the cultural impact that "hot girl summer" had over the summer of 2019.

So much so that he thought he would write a song about everything that was bad about the summer. Blackbear basically wrote the anti-summer anthem and it finally caught on in the fall.

Apparently fans of Meghan Thee Stallion were not happy that he decided to release a song that mocks her hit "Hot Girl Summer." They were sending threats and everything on Twitter.

Blackbear claims that the phrase "hot girl summer "was such a cultural phenomenon that he couldn't help but write a song about it, and the song is not meant as a response to her song.

After listening to it I can't help but think he may have known what he was doing with this song. If you missed me playing it on the air. here is the song. Maybe you have a better ear than I do:

Pretty cool vibe to it and now that I listen to it again, I don't think he was trying to mimic Thee Stallion, at all. It reminds of a college dropout song that Fun 107 played when it was a novelty.

So how do you think this PA boy did? Is this a bop? I'll rock to this for sure, but you are the one that decides if it gets added to the playlist or not. Do you think Blackbear's song is wicked good or totally whack? Get to voting:

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