With so many amazing restaurants in New Bedford, it must be tough for newcomers to figure out where to eat. When those newcomers are also Hollywood stars making a movie, the decision is likely even harder.

Yet the cast and crew of "Finestkind" seem to have found a favorite local spot.

New Bedford's The Black Whale seems to be the hot spot for both cast and crew of the upcoming American crime thriller, with several of the film's big stars being spotted eating there over the last few weeks. In fact, Tommy Lee Jones has already come for dinner twice. He was spotted filming in Fairhaven last week.

We, of course, wondered what might have attracted the Oscar winner to the seafood restaurant and spoke with Kate Lima, a manager, who said, "Not sure, I know some other people from the film come here to the bar a lot."

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Clearly, word on set is that The Black Whale is a good place to go and so Jones did.

In fact, he was seen dining there the last two Sundays in a row. You'd think it would cause a lot of commotion in the restaurant, but Lima, who was working the first time Jones came in, says it was very "under the radar, low-key. We just left him alone."

The staff's hands-off approach was clearly a good one, however, because Jones did come back for another Sunday night dinner on the 22nd.

Lima added that not all patrons left Jones alone, however. "Nobody on the staff, but I heard later in the night, a couple of people had approached him."

So far, no photos of Jones at The Black Whale seem to have surfaced on social media, so perhaps he chose not to take pictures with fans. He was trying to enjoy a night out with his wife, after all.

As for photos in The Black Whale's iconic big, blue chair? Lima says, "I don't think he took a picture in the chair."

Bummer. That photo would be amazing.


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