Black Friday is fast approaching and it's time for you shopping lovers' to get prepared. Before heading out of the house this Black Friday, check out these think-ahead ideas to make sure you're fully prepared for the day ahead:

  1. Do your homework - Check out all the sites and flyers for the sales. Know what wish list items you're buying.
  2. Compare prices - Head over to the one site you need to compare prices and get updates
  3. Bring your store credit cards - Remember, some stores give more discounts when you charge purchases to your store credit card.
  4. Bring a friend - They can hold your spot in line while you go get that item you forgot, or vice versa. (Plus, it's boring to shop alone).
  5. Charge your phone - Bring a mobile battery bank if you have one.
  6. Rest up the day before.
  7. Choose your drinks and food wisely before going shopping - For example: Vavo's beans of any kind.
  8. Fill your gas tank - Traffic may be hectic and destinations may take longer to reach.
  9. Find a list of your local coffee shops - Coffee will keep you going and you may just be able to catch a deal there.
  10. Use the restroom at your house before you leave.
  11. Buy feet and hand warmers - Just in case the weather is cold and you're waiting outside for quite some time.
  12. Stay hydrated - With all that running around, having a couple of bottles of water in the car would be a good idea.
  13. Overdress - It's better to have to take off layers than regret you didn't put enough on.
  14. Don't bring the kids - Schedule a babysitter or see if local places like the YMCA are doing anything fun for them.
  15. Plan the vehicle you take accordingly - If you're buying a lot, a big vehicle may be better. If you're not buying so much, a small vehicle will better suit you. Remember, parking!
  16. Try not to wear red to Target - I regret it every time!