Now only the BJ's drivers will have to worry about getting thirty-six paper towels, ten frozen pizzas and a giant box of cereal to your homeIt's a big week for homebodies! First, Target announced same day delivery for their Dartmouth location. A couple days later, wholesale king BJ's announced they too will be offering a similar service.

BJ's will have their same day delivery service available for all members by the end of April, and already have the service for their Boston and Plymouth locations. Soon there won't be the debate between fitting your child or your three XL laundry detergent in the car seat. Your bulk paper towels and Cheez-Its will be dropped off at your door, simply by signing up for BJ's 'Instacart' service.

Personally I think this is a HUGE time saver. Growing up my parents had a BJ's membership and our trips would last forever. Most of the time there was spent trying to find my parents because I thought getting a second free sample in the food section was a good idea (it was). I guess the downside to this same day delivery is that all the kids out there won't get to experience making a fort out of bulk cases toilet paper.

For BJ's members looking to buy in bulk but save time in bulk too, you can sign up here to get alerted when your BJ's is ready to offer same day delivery.

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