Just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving, you can now stock up at BJ's Wholesale Club even if you aren't a member. 

In an effort to boost their memberships, BJ's Wholesale Club is opening their stores to non-members through November 4. They want you to experience all the perks of shopping at their store, without having to pay the yearly membership right away.

Their hope is that you love shopping at BJ's so much you end up purchasing a yearly membership. You can sign up for a free 3-month membership or pay just $25 for a whole year ($30 off the annual membership fee) if you decide this is your new grocery game changer after your "free" visit.

The timing couldn't be more perfect if you need to go stock up on Halloween candy or want to start getting some of those Thanksgiving staples. It's also a great opportunity to go buy for yourself and use some of the bulk purchase to donate towards a local food drive, like our Operation Food Drop.

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