Billie Eilish has been busy, not only producing some amazing music but planning her arena tour next year. She recently went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and took part in their segment reading mean tweets.

Like all of her songs, her latest is about emotional pain. This song talks about the irony of wanting fame and now that she has it, it's everything she ever wanted. It's the irony in the song and its lyrics that make it sound like she resents her fame.

The song is a dedication to her brother and producer who has been her biggest supporter.

The tone of this song is much like her previous songs. While I may not understand the Billie Eilish phenomenon, I've got to hand it to her. The production and vocal quality of these songs are amazing and that's what the music world is going crazy over. If you haven't heard the song yet, take a listen:

Well, was it everything you thought it would be?

My favorite lyrics from this song are “Everybody wants something from me now...I don’t want to turn them down." It sounds like she is already has a taste of what it's like to be secluded in celebrity. Hopefully, she has people around her keeping her grounded.

The record label already asked me what I thought. I love the dynamic of the song a lot but I think we need some more tempo. Either way, I love Billie but her songs are all about mood, and you have got to be in the mood for her.

You tell me. though: is this song wicked good or totally whack?

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