We are spotlighting little Abby Samways and her family this morning for Holiday Wish Week.  Abby is 10 years old and has an extremely rare condition. Only three people in New England suffer from her condition. She requires round-the-clock care. She is immobile, non-verbal, blind, and has trouble swallowing.

Abby has two very important needs that immediate attention.

1. She is approaching 50 pounds. When Abby reaches 50 pounds, a major problem develops. By law, her nurses will no longer be permitted to pick her up (due to safety reasons). She'll need a "hook" that will move her from her bed to her wheelchair, etc. The problem is that the state won't pay for the "hook" until Abby reaches 75 pounds.

2. The Make-A-Wish Foundation gifted the family a brand new generator, but their policy did not allow them to hook up the generator to their panel. The generator is needed because when the Samways lose power, they are faced with much more than just a minor inconvenience. All of Abby's medical equipment requires power. She absolutely needs it to survive.

Turk's Seafood in Mattapoisett has been kind enough to donate another pair of tickets to see the Celtics play the Chicago Bulls. These seats are 11 rows behind the Bulls' bench.

If you'd like the tickets, you can place a bid between now and 9 a.m. this morning by clicking here.

Find out more about Abby's story here.


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