The 'Stuff The Bus' school supply drive is a wonderful cause to not only help our local children but to strengthen and prepare our future generations. First of all, I am definitely a softy when it comes to charity drives and donating for good reasoning. It was such an utter delight and joy to see people donating backpacks and book binders to those who are less fortunate.

TSM/Chris Arsenault

When Bic came through with a box full of pens, pencils, markers, etc. I was blown away! Today has been filled with generosity and kindness. Just goes to show how contagious it can be to witness or be a part of a donation. I honestly can not wait to get back to Wareham to start filling the bus stationed outside of Cosi Restaurant.

This is a wonderful idea and the team here at Fun 107 and WBSM could not be happier with the items being dropped off so far! In the end, the qauntity of items donated per person is irreleavent. One backpack alone benefits a little boy or girl. One backpack alone makes a difference.