Leave it to Beyonce to find a way to top herself.

She recently made headlines worldwide for photobombing a teen's selfie mid-concert. Well, Bey's done it again, and she's outdone herself -- by using an audience member's iPhone to FaceTime another fan in the middle of a show!

At her concert Tuesday (Nov. 5) in Adelaide, Australia, Beyonce was mid-song when she spotted the man FaceTiming. How could she resist? She couldn't.

"This is a first," she says before taking the guy's iPhone, pointing it towards herself and saying "Hi" to the person on the other end.

Beyonce then shows the phone to the crowd, explaining, "He's doing FaceTime right now."

"Nice to meet you," she says as she returns the phone and continues on singing as if she hasn't just blown every fan's mind in the house!

Btw, both of the recent amazing fan interactions occurred in the same country (Australia), during the same song ('Irreplaceable'), with her wearing the same sparkly blue jumpsuit. But what wasn't the same? Her much-shorter hair, which is now a wavy bob that ends well above her shoulders. Check out her new look in the video above!