A new phone scam seems to be sweeping the SouthCoast.

Robocalls have become a way of life in 2019. Most people are at the point where they are receiving multiple calls a day from a robot. Just when you think you've heard everything, a new phone scam has become pretty hot this week.

Adiel Maciel from Westport told us about a call he received at home yesterday.

"It was a scam call claiming they were Apple," Maciel said. "They were saying that my iCloud account was breached."

Maciel quickly thought of a great comeback. "I made up a story and told them that I worked for Apple, and that I was unaware of any problem."

The voice on the other end of the phone became nervous.

"Oh. You work for Apple?" the shaky voice said before quickly hanging up.

Multiple people reported receiving the same fishy phone call from Apple yesterday.

It's a good lesson for everyone. Never give away any usernames or passwords over the phone.

The safest thing to do when a company is calling you about an account is to offer to call them back. Obviously, don't call the company back on a number that they provide. Look up the main number on the company's website and they can direct you to the appropriate department. If there is truly a problem, they will know about it.