All summer Middleboro has been without one of its favorite ice cream spots and now it seems the closure is permanent.

Back in December, residents were surprised to find a "temporarily closed" sign at Peaceful Meadows Ice Cream on West Grove Street. The beloved shop is typically open all year, leaving many to wonder what was going on.

Some figured at the time that sickness from Covid may have had something to do with it or that staffing issues were causing the shop to take a break, but apparently it is much more than that.

As of yesterday, Aug. 16, a sign had been added out front of Peaceful Meadows thanking customers for "45 fabulous years." Not to mention the spot is now officially listed on Google as "permanently closed." That seems pretty final to us.


And yet no one seems able to comment that the permanent status is true.

The phone number for Peaceful Meadows is still being answered with a recording that tells you they are "closed until further notice" and after calls to both the Peaceful Meadows in Plymouth and Whitman, all anyone could say was that they thought the closure was for good, but they couldn't say for sure.

This beloved ice cream shop opened its doors way back on April 16, 1977, 15 years after the original Peaceful Meadows in Whitman began in 1962. It has nearly 700 rave reviews on Google, many toting the amazing raspberry lime rickey.

Sadly, no more raspberry lime rickeys or any frozen treats will be served from the Middleboro Peaceful Meadows. The signs all literally seem to be pointing toward permanently closed and though some wishful thinkers may still choose to hold out hope, we think this beloved ice cream shop has scooped its last scoop.

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