Starbucks is going even greener, this time with a new cup.

You don't have to be a coffee snob to love Starbucks. I am slightly snobby though when it comes to coffee containers and cups. I know, weird right? There is nothing worse than when you order a coffee to go and the lid isn't fitted correctly or pops off mid-sip. I mean, are you kidding me? I'm not being biased when I say that I have never had a "cup problem" at Starbucks, not once.

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Iced, no matter what. ❄️

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I got turned on to Starbucks when my husband and I moved out to Seattle years ago. They were everywhere, on practically every street corner. I loved the frappuccinos of course, and the grande nonfat latte with a 1/2 pump of sugar-free mocha became my staple coffee every morning on my ride into work. Honestly, not much has changed except that I do love the occasional hot Chai tea latte to shake things up once in a while.


Well, the new Starbucks cups will look the same but they will be kicking it up a notch and going greener than ever before. 

The cup looks the same on the outside but the inside has a new biodegradable liner. The plastic liners are what make the cup hard to recycle. The coffee giant tested 12 prototypes before picking this option.

For now, the cup is only being used in Seattle, San Francisco and New York. The goal is to have a more recyclable and compostable hot cup by 2022. 

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