This is my worst fear. I'm pretty sure I have had nightmares that look like this video that was posted to the Marion Harbormaster's Facebook page over the weekend.

Thankfully, the bees were removed safely. I'd be freaking out with my arms flying around everywhere. As you know, bees are absolutely necessary for our survival and they are actually in danger. Hence why they made themselves at home on this boat.

Bees on a Boat

I consider bees to actually be very cute in nature—as long as they're very far away from me. I actually was screaming when I first saw this video. Not because they were everywhere, but because I feared the owner of the boat was going to have them all killed. We need those bees!

Side note: did the pollen drop this weekend or do I just need a car wash badly? So much pollen everywhere and my allergies are out of control. Guess Mucinex is going to be my best friend for the next few weeks.

I'm glad this bee situation had a happy ended for everyone, including the bees. Now I need to go buy some honey. I mean, if I wasn't allergic, I'd totally have a beehive for myself.

Wait, is that weird?

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