When it comes to warmer weather, to me, nothing beats the heat like a beer that's cold and refreshing, or a chilled glass of wine.

While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I noticed something that Kappy's Fine Wine & Spirits in Fall River had that significantly piqued my interest...

FREE "Chilling Service!"

Not sure what I'm talking about? It's quite simple. Since they have a large variety of wines and craft beers that are not in the coolers, because sometimes they don't get shipped to the store that way, there's now a way to chill your favorites.

Within 3-7 minutes, depending on how cold you'd like your spirits, this complimentary chilling station is exactly what you need on a hot summer day.

Here are your options:

3 Minutes = Chilled

5 Minutes = Cold

7 Minutes = Very Cold

Here's the best part, especially if you're a beer connoisseur: certain craft four-pack beers that are out on the shelves don't come cold or are placed in the cooler, so if there's something that piques your interest that you'd like to indulge in as soon as you get home, well, now you can.

So whether you're in the mood for a chilled glass of rosé or a cold pint of Dogfishhead 90 Minute IPA, leave it to Kappy's to take care of that for you.


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