Whether you are a fan of beards, or have a great beard, there is one local Facebook page that is easily to most entertaining when it comes to facial hair. 


We're talking about Beards of New Bedford of course! It's an EPIC Facebook page where people from all around New Bedford and the Southcoast. We love seeing the updates come scrolling across our news feed on a daily basis. How else would we get our beard news?

Editor Note: If I could grow a beard, I would do so, and share it here. However, I couldn't grow one to save my life.

The Facebook page proclaims that it's just a place for people to appreciate beards, share their beards and just leave comments. After taking a look through their photos, there are some pretty awesome beards in this city.

So do you have a beard? Share it with them! Tell them we sent you.

Check out Larry's beard: