Right now, if you are like me, you have hand sanitizer just about everywhere – but there are some places you shouldn't keep this liquid gold.

Many of us went out and purchased all the hand sanitizer we could find and now we have a bottle in every corner of our lives. I must admit, I didn't think twice about where I stored my supply. I just wanted it to be convenient and accessible when I needed it, which in most cases is when I'm outside my home.

So it was the obvious thought to make sure I have a supply in my car, right?  Now, this may seem like common sense, but I think many of you can relate, times are weird right now and all we are thinking about is coming in contact with this virus and doing whatever we can to avoid that, so keeping some in the car made total sense to me.

But it turns out, that's the wrong move. I recently realized that, as it's warming up outside, the feeling of getting into a hot car is actually one I have missed. I got in my car and one of the first things I reached for was my hand sanitizer. It was warm from sitting in my car in the sun, but I didn't think twice about that.

But after seeing this video going around, it hit me: aren't the ingredients in my sanitizer mostly alcohol? Isn't that highly flammable? Turns, out, there have already been a few fire incidents involving hand sanitizer exploding inside hot cars.

Well, I definitely won't be storing any sanitizer in my car anymore.

Here is a quick educational video. Clearly I'm not the only one who didn't even think about this:

How many of you did what I did? How many of you are about to head to your cars to make sure you didn't leave any of the good stuff in there?

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